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Application of cold-formed Section steel in deep processing of plate and light steel structure

Jan 05, 2021

Cold-formed thin-walled steel is a kind of cold-formed steel. The raw materials are Q235 specified in "Carbon Structural Steel" GB/T700 and Q345 (16MN) specified in "Low Alloy High Strength Structural Steel" GB/T1591. Generally,Section steel the wall thickness of engineering design should not be less than 1.5cm. This type of steel is also called purlin in light steel structure buildings,Section steel and it is widely used in the roof and wall purlins of light steel structure buildings such as large industrial factories, workshops, warehouses, etc.

According to the design characteristics of the light steel structure,Section steel it can be disassembled and assembled at will, the surface of the purlin needs to be punched out,Section steel and the hole is located in the design of the steel beam purlin hole. They are connected by bolts or self-tapping and self-drilling. The allowable deviation range of the geometric dimensions of the purlin is implemented according to the standard.

  The application feature of this kind of cold-formed steel is light weight,Section steel which can reduce the seismic force, especially in the southern soft soil, and the cost is significantly reduced;Section steel the material strength is high, the self-bearing capacity is heavy, and the steel consumption is reduced, which can increase the use area;Section steel construction It is simple and fast, transported to the construction site directly for installation; short construction period,Section steel coupled with its wide application and simple and beautiful appearance,Section steel makes it highly competitive in the construction market.