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Spiral bevel gear information introduction

Jan 17, 2021

The tooth profile of spiral bevel gears is arc-shaped, and they are generally cone-shaped, like an umbrella shape,gear hence the name spiral bevel gear. Spiral bevel gear is a transmission part that can be transmitted smoothly and with low noise according to a stable transmission ratio. It has different names in different regions. It is also called spiral bevel gear, spiral bevel gear, spiral bevel gear, arc bevel gear, Spiral bevel gears,gear etc. Spiral bevel gears have high transmission efficiency, stable transmission ratio, large arc overlap coefficient, high carrying capacity, stable and smooth transmission, reliable operation, compact structure, energy saving and material saving, space saving, wear resistance, long life and low noise.

Among various mechanical transmissions, the transmission efficiency of spiral bevel gears is the highest, which has great economic benefits for various transmissions,gear especially high-power transmissions. The transmission pair required to transmit the same torque is the most space-saving, compared with belts, The space required for chain transmission is small;gear the transmission ratio of spiral bevel gears is permanently stable, and stable transmission ratio is often the basic requirement for transmission performance in the transmission of various mechanical equipment; spiral bevel gears work reliably and have a long life.

Spiral bevel gears are widely used in domestic and foreign oilfield petrochemical machinery,gear various machine tools, various machining equipment, engineering machinery, metallurgical equipment, steel rolling machinery, mining machinery, coal mining machinery, textile machinery,gear shipbuilding machinery, shipbuilding industry, aerospace, forklifts , Elevators, reducers, aircraft manufacturing and many other industries.