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The main cause of oxidation of stainless steel forged round bar

Jan 20, 2021

Although stainless steel round steel is a very widely used material,forged round bar they will react with high temperature fuel gas to form surface oxide scale. The effectiveness of stainless steel round steel in any given application will depend on the rate of gas reaction through the oxide scale. The rapid formation of oxide scale will cause the stainless steel round steel to quickly wear out,forged round bar until the load cross section is reduced so that mechanical failure occurs. The following three points are the main reasons for the oxidation of stainless steel round steel.

Production process: This is one of the reasons for the oxidation of stainless steel round steel. The formation of a thin oxide film on the surface of stainless steel round steel is the basis to avoid the oxidation process. It is one of the main characteristics different from other steel products, but due to poor production technology performance Or negligence leads to continuous incomplete oxide film, and oxygen in the air directly reacts with stainless steel round steel,forged round bar resulting in oxidation of product performance. Composition ratio: Some stainless steel manufacturers want to reduce production costs, thereby reducing the content ratio of important elements such as chromium and nickel,forged round bar and increase the content of other elements such as carbon. This is not strictly in accordance with product types and product characteristics. It is not good for the quality of stainless steel products. For example,forged round bar when the chromium content of 304 stainless steel round steel is low,forged round bar it will not only affect the corrosion resistance and formability of the product, but also have potential product quality and safety hazards in the chemical and high-pressure pump equipment industries,forged round bar and also affect the appearance and resistance of the product. Oxidative.

Human factors: This is one of the more common reasons for using stainless steel round steel. Some consumers improperly operate and maintain the products,forged round bar especially the stainless steel products used in the food industry in some chemical equipment. Oxidation phenomenon of stainless steel round steel. We should have the correct knowledge of product use and regular and effective maintenance to reduce oxidation caused by improper use.