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Common Process Of Hot Rolled Steel Round Bars

Jan 02, 2021

Common processes include forging preheating quenching, solid solution double refinement process,Hot rolled steel round bars cooling quenching, austempering and so on. Among them,Hot rolled steel round bars the solid-solution double-refining treatment uses heat treatment to refine the carbides, round the edges and corners,Hot rolled steel round bars and at the same time make the austenite grains ultra-fine.

The main measures of the process are high temperature solid solution and cycle refinement. High temperature solid solution can improve the morphology and grain size of carbides;Hot rolled steel round bars the purpose of cyclic refinement is to make austenite grains ultra-fine. Compared with ordinary heat treatment, vacuum heat treatment has many outstanding features,Hot rolled steel round bars such as preventing surface oxidation and decarburization of Q345B low alloy round steel;Hot rolled steel round bars small quenching deformation; good process stability and repeatability; safe operation, high degree of automation,Hot rolled steel round bars and good working environment Wait. As the requirements become higher and higher,Hot rolled steel round bars the vacuum heat treatment of Q345B low alloy round steel has received more and more attention.