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H-Section Steel Application Characteristics

Jan 06, 2021

H-beam application characteristics: hot-rolled H-beams can reasonably allocate the aspect ratio of the section size according to different purposes,Section steel and have excellent mechanical properties and superior use performance. The design style is flexible and rich. In the case of the same beam height, the steel structure bay can be 50% larger than the concrete structure bay, thus making the building layout more flexible. The structure is light. Compared with the concrete structure,Section steel the weight is lighter,Section steel the structure weight is reduced, the internal force of the structure design is reduced,Section steel and the building structure foundation treatment requirement is low, the construction is simple, and the cost is reduced.

The steel structure mainly made of hot-rolled H-shaped steel has scientific and reasonable structure,Section steel good plasticity and flexibility, and high structural stability. It is suitable for building structures that withstand large vibration and impact loads. It has strong resistance to natural disasters,Section steel and is especially suitable for many The building structure in the earthquake zone. According to statistics,Section steel in the world's devastating earthquake disasters of magnitude 7 or above,Section steel steel structures dominated by H-shaped steel have suffered the least damage.