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Detailed introduction of high-quality Section steel

Jan 02, 2021

High-quality profiles are profiles processed from high-quality steel. It is divided into hot-rolled (forged) high-quality profiles,Section steel cold-drawn (drawn) high-quality profiles and other varieties. Hot rolled (forged) high-quality profiles include carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel, alloy structural steel,Section steel spring steel, stainless steel, bearing steel,Section steel alloy tool steel, die steel, high-speed tool steel and other varieties. Cold-drawn (dial) high-quality profiles include carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel, alloy structural steel, spring steel,Section steel stainless steel, bearing steel, alloy tool steel, high-speed tool steel, free-cutting steel, cold-heading steel, S/5A,Section steel etc. Variety. S/5A is a product used to make shells and bullets.

Military materials: Other varieties are mainly special high-quality profiles. The specifications of high-quality profiles are simple, and most of them are round steel. In addition,Section steel there are also hot-rolled (forged) high-quality round steel,Section steel square steel, and hexagonal steel such as square steel flat steel, six-breast steel, hollow steel,Section steel special-shaped and other hot-rolled (forged) steel. The cold-drawn profiles have more precise dimensions and smooth surfaces,Section steel and some surfaces need to be polished and polished. Polished or polished round steel is called silver bright steel. High-quality profiles are rarely used, and most of them have to be further processed by the user and used after heat treatment. Therefore,Section steel in addition to ensuring the chemical composition,Section steel it is also necessary to ensure the mechanical properties after heat treatment.