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Use of small section steel

Jan 03, 2021

Belongs to small section steel. Including hot-rolled round steel bars for reinforced concrete,Section steel pre-stressed concrete thermal reinforcement,Section steel and hot-rolled reinforced steel bars for reinforced concrete. Cold steel reinforcement. Except round steel, others are also called rebar. Because the steel surface is rolled into ears or thread bars during rolling,Section steel it is the steel used for reinforced concrete in the construction industry. Reinforcing bars are classified into grades I, II, III,Section steel and IV according to the yield point and tensile strength of the material. The above rebars are used directly.

Heat-treated steel bars for prestressed concrete. Heat-treated threaded steel bars have high strength,Section steel but are not suitable for welding and spot welding steel bars. The steel bars are made of 40Si2Mn, 48Si2Mn, 45Si2Cr and other steels after heat treatment. The nominal diameters are 6, 8.2, 10 Mm. Cold rolled ribbed steel bars are made of Q215, Q235, 24MnTi steel with a nominal diameter of 4-12 mm. After heat treatment,Section steel the steel bar should be rolled into a coil and delivered in a heat-treated state.