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The difference between cold-formed Section steel and ordinary welding products

Jan 10, 2021

Many processing units now use cold-formed steel for fixed installation. During the production of this material, it is necessary to use strip steel and make it at room temperature. The cross-sectional area of the processed material is very reasonable,Section steel and the process of installation and use is also It can meet the application requirements. Although this material can also exert certain application effects,Section steel it still has great disadvantages compared with cold-formed steel materials. The structure of cold-formed steel materials is reasonable,Section steel and a large amount of raw materials can be saved during production. In application, it can withstand greater pressure and load. Therefore, Section steelthe demand for cold-formed steel is increasing.

Secondly, the application of hot-rolled products is actually more extensive,Section steel and cold-formed steel has many advantages compared with hot-rolled steel. Hot-rolled steel can be made into different specifications and sizes under high temperature conditions during the production. Now hot-rolled steel In the process of installation and use,Section steel there are more classifications, but compared with cold-formed materials,Section steel hot-rolled materials are still lacking in strength. Cold-formed steel has a large number of applications in the automobile manufacturing industry. This material is used in the production of small passenger cars. Cold-formed products can be used to make parts such as sinks and windows. These are all necessary to install and use in vehicle production. The production quality of these devices also directly determines the performance of the vehicle,Section steel so cold-formed products have a positive contribution to the development of the automobile manufacturing industry.

In the railway industry, the application of cold-formed steel is also attached great importance. At this time,Section steel the use of cold-formed products can improve the strength of the vehicle, so this steel is also widely used in the railway industry. Nowadays, the application of cold-formed products is also emphasized in machining places,Section steel and the mechanical equipment made of this kind of steel has improved in terms of strength and quality.