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What are the differences between cold-formed Section steel and welded steel pipes?

Jan 09, 2021

Cold-formed steel is one of many kinds of steel products. It is made of strip steel with a certain width,Section steel passing through a set of longitudinally arranged rolls under normal temperature conditions,Section steel and gradually deforming to reach the shape and size that meets the requirements of use,Section steel and then cut after determining the size. Into the corresponding length. Of course,Section steel cold-formed steel can also be obtained by deformation methods such as stamping, bending or drawing. However,Section steel the roll forming method is suitable for large-scale industrial production. Its product quality, processing cost, and production efficiency are unmatched by other methods,Section steel and it is the main production process of cold-formed steel at present. If the unit is equipped with welding equipment, it can also produce cold-formed steel with closed section.

There is a certain difference between cold-formed steel and welded steel pipes. The main manifestation is that welded steel pipes are used to transport fluids, such as gas and tap water. Petroleum,Section steel liquefied gas, steam, etc. Steel pipes are required to withstand a certain amount of pressure,Section steel while cold-formed steel is used to manufacture structures. Under external forces, there are certain requirements on the section,Section steel shape, size and mechanical properties of the steel. The application range of cold-formed steel has been extended to photovoltaic systems. The photovoltaic support uses cold-formed steel as the raw material and exhibits excellent performance. Compared with hot-rolled section steel,Section steel cold-formed section steel is more dominant in terms of quality, performance or forming process, and its adaptability is also very strong,Section steel which can meet different application requirements.

Cold-formed steel is a specification that can not be completed by hot-rolled steel. At the same time,Section steel it has a beautiful appearance, saves materials,Section steel and has high strength. These are not critical. However, the cost is relatively high. In addition, the production process is cold roll rolling,Section steel which requires multiple processes to complete.