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Design Requirements And Main Types Of Cold-formed Section Steel

Jan 17, 2021

In the process of operation, cold-formed steel is mainly made of carbon steel, high-quality carbon structural steel, low-alloy structural steel and stainless steel hot-rolled and cold-rolled strip steel,Section steel which are formed into various cross-sectional shapes through roll bending. Type copper.

The continuous cold-formed steel forming unit mainly includes uncoiling, straightening, shearing butt welding, material storage, forming (welding, shaping), cut-to-length, inspection and collection and some special processes. Its equipment is basically similar to the high-frequency welded pipe unit,Section steel but There are various types of cold-formed forming machines. According to product specifications, they can be divided into three types: general cold-formed steel forming units, open-ended cold-formed steel forming units,Section steel and wide-width corrugated steel plate forming units. These three types of units have different structures and product ranges. different. The general cold-formed steel unit can not only produce non-welded cold-formed copper products with simple cross-sections, but also produce welded closed-end profiles: such as round pipes, Section steel rectangular and other special-shaped pipes.

Cold-formed steel is a product that uses a set of continuous racks to roll stainless steel into complex shapes,Section steel and is suitable for the production of plates and special-shaped wires. The sequence of the rolls is designed according to the principle of gradually deforming the product. The rolling mill adopts automatic control,Section steel and the roll profile of each stand can be rolled gradually and continuously until the desired product shape is obtained. If the shape of the component is complex, thirty-six racks can be used, but for simple-shaped components, three or four racks are fine. Rolls are often made of cold work die steel,Section steel and their hardness is generally above HRC62. At the same time, in order to ensure the smoothness of the surface of the workpiece after rolling,Section steel the smoothness of the surface of the roll is also required.

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