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Characteristics And Production Process Of Cold-formed Special-shaped Section Steel

Jan 16, 2021

The cold-formed special-shaped steel is mainly made of hot-rolled or cold-rolled strip steel,Section steel which is formed by bending and forming various cross-sectional shapes and sizes. Cold-formed special-shaped steel has the following characteristics: a wide variety of cold-formed special-shaped steels with uniform wall thickness and messy cross-sectional shapes that are difficult to produce by ordinary hot rolling methods and various cold-formed steels with different raw materials. Fixed-length or double-length supply improves the utilization of data.

The cross-section is economical and reasonable,Section steel saving data. The cross-sectional shape of cold-formed special-shaped steel can be designed according to needs,Section steel the structure is reasonable,Section steel and the section coefficient of unit component is higher than that of hot-rolled steel. Under the same load, the component weight can be reduced and data can be saved. Cold-formed profiled steel used in building structures can save 38-50% of metal compared to hot-rolled steel,Section steel and 15-60% when used in agricultural machinery and vehicles. Facilitate construction and reduce induction costs.

There are many reasons why cold-formed special-shaped steel is popular. The main thing is its processing process. Because of the cold bending method,Section steel the steel will not be reheated during the entire processing process, Section steel and it will be directly molded into various shapes in a soft way. This kind of processing method is undoubtedly very environmentally friendly, does not consume too much energy,Section steel and does not generate a lot of waste gas and a lot of corner materials. From the perspective of resource conservation, this product is a well-deserved environmental protection material.

There is a close correlation between the corrosion resistance of the metal materials of cold-formed steel and the appearance quality of cold-formed steel. The corrosion resistance of cold-formed steel is reflected in its own chemical composition and surface compactness. Now the use of cold-formed steel is more frequent in life. For example,Section steel the use of cold-formed steel in sanitary products such as tableware and kitchen utensils puts high quality requirements on the corrosion resistance and appearance of cold-formed steel.