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Refinement Of Cold-formed Section Steel Classification And Rolling Deformation

Jan 13, 2021

My country's cold-formed steel products are generally divided into open section steel and silent section steel according to the shape of the section. The open section steel is simple and easy to manufacture,Section steel such as channel steel, hat steel, end wall cross belt, etc. Atmospheric corrosion-resistant cold-formed steel for railway trucks,Section steel side pillars,Section steel end wall cross-belts, and lower side beams are all open section steels. Large-scale cold-formed steel silent section steel is also called hollow steel, such as square, rectangular, etc.Section steel medium-sized cold-formed steel track truck cold-formed steel C64, C62, C70 upper side small cold-formed steel beams are all classified as silent Cold-formed steel.

According to the standard classification of cold-formed steel, it is roughly divided into: large-scale cold-formed steel, medium-sized cold-formed steel, small-scale cold-formed steel,Section steel and wide-width cold-formed steel. The opening dimensions of large-scale cold-formed steel materials are: thickness 4-16mm, width 300-1200mm; medium-sized cold-formed steel materials opening dimensions are: thickness 2-5mm, width 100-450mm;Section steel small cold-formed steel materials opening dimensions: thickness 0.5-3mm Width 300-200mm;Section steel wide cold-formed steel: The opening dimension of the material is: thickness 0.3-6mm and width 700-1600mm.

No matter what kind of cold-formed steel,Section steel it will deform during rolling. On the one hand, it is plastic deformation and on the other hand it is elastic deformation. Metal crystals are twisted and elongated when subjected to external forces. When the external force does not exceed the bonding force between atoms,Section steel the crystal lattice will recover from the deformed state to the original state after the external force is removed. The deformation that does not exceed the elastic limit of the metal is called The elastic degeneration of metals. When the external force applied to the metal crystal exceeds its elastic limit,Section steel the distorted lattice and broken crystal grains cannot be recovered to the original state after the external force is removed. This deformation is called plastic deformation,Section steel which forms the different specifications and shapes we need. Cold-formed steel.