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The Important Process Of C-shaped Section Steel Processing And The Form And Application Of The Outer Frame

Jan 14, 2021

Cold bending is an important process in the processing of C-shaped steel. Although it is said that there will be a correction process after cold-bending,Section steel the C-shaped steel produced in my country is still deformed seriously after being placed for a period of time. This means that C-shaped steel has a large internal stress. The presence. At the same time,Section steel the stamping performance of C-shaped steel is not very good,Section steel and the rebound after bending is large. This problem also needs to be solved urgently. If C-shaped steel is used in high-rise steel structures, in order to improve its stability, steel-concrete composite structures are usually used,Section steel and the load-bearing capacity must be directly transmitted to the structure. It is different to choose the tube for the sake of economy. The form of the box.

In order to ensure the use of C-shaped steel in steel structures,Section steel the cutting of steel should be carried out on a shearing machine or sawing machine as much as possible,Section steel especially for thin-walled steel roof trusses,Section steel so as to ensure precise cutting. This method not only improves work efficiency, but also guarantees quality. C-shaped steel is also a kind of building materials commonly used in steel structures and mobile houses. Because of the firmness and stability of this building material, it is also widely welcomed by all aspects. This C-shaped steel is mainly used for purlins,Section steel and secondly, this building material can also be used as a bracket, beam, and brace for movable houses.

In addition, it also has strong applications in welded pipes, other cold-formed steels, packaging belts,Section steel and highway guardrails. It also plays a big function on the roof, playing a role in supporting the roof panel and wall panel. Therefore, this product has a very high degree of use now,Section steel and it is one of the ideal auxiliary building materials for many buildings. Because of the various functions provided by the C-shaped steel,Section steel the mobile room has steadily improved a lot of its various indexes,Section steel and its load-bearing capacity and safety factor have been greatly improved.