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Control Method For Uniform Wall Thickness Of C-shaped Section Steel

Jan 15, 2021

Different users have different requirements for the thickness of the C-shaped steel wall. If these requirements are to be met at the same time,Section steel the selected C-shaped steel production process and equipment are very critical. Generally, the cold rolling method is difficult to produce high-quality C-shaped steel,Section steel so it has to be completed with a C-shaped steel machine. After the material enters from the tail of the C-shaped steel machine, it is pressed by various pressing rollers,Section steel and then the shaped C-shaped steel is output from the head. This not only greatly optimizes the necessary production and processing technology, but also improves the production, but also ensures that the C-shaped steel products have uniform wall thickness and complex interface shapes.

In order to achieve accurate wall thickness, when the C-shaped steel machine is pressing C-shaped steel,Section steel the mold used is composed of a precise upper mold and some lower molds of the same size. Install them in place before processing, not only to ensure that the upper mold and the lower mold can be smooth, but also to ensure that the four peripheral gaps are uniform, so that the pressed C-shaped steel can have a uniform wall thickness. When C-shaped steel is processed,Section steel the mold is installed and the main engine is tested,Section steel and then the air compressor, vacuum pump, extruder, tile cutter, discharger, tile press, main engine and wato conveyor are turned on; when parking,Section steel stop the squeezing Get out of the machine and then stop the rest of the equipment.

The wall thickness of the C-shaped steel produced by the C-shaped steel machine can be made very thin,Section steel and the production process is greatly simplified,Section steel and the production efficiency is improved. It can produce various profiles and cold-formed color steel equipment of different materials with average wall thickness but complex cross-sectional shape that are difficult to produce by general hot rolling methods.

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